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Student Learning Outcomes

The purpose of SLO assessment is to improve student achievement of learning outcomes.

Our SLO program at Butte College is designed to document our assessment activities in compliance with the ACCJC Accreditation Standards.


What To Do: Faculty

All faculty are responsible for documenting assessments of student achievement of SLOs in every course they teach. SLO documentation includes the following:

  1. Course syllabi -- include up-to-date SLOs from the official Course Outline of Record.
  2. Grade justifications -- include alignments of SLOs to course assignments. Each SLO from the Course Outline of Record must align with at least one assignment.
  3. Grade submissions -- complete the SLO Reflection Form reflecting on student achievement of SLOs in the course. There is a video walkthrough for the form.


What To Do: Chairs/Coordinators

Department chairs and coordinators provide oversight of SLO assessment documentation. Department Learning Outcomes Discussion Summary includes:

  1. A review of previous summaries to reflect on actions taken and the outcomes of these actions.
  2. A discussion of the current assessments being conducted by the department. This includes a link between course-level, program-level, and GE Learning Outcomes.
  3. Collective departmental dialog discussing the assessment results.
  4. Planned strategies based on the assessment results.
  5. Resources needed to help the department implement these strategies.


Department Discussion Report Form: 


Butte's SLO Program

The program consists of the following:

  1. Course-level SLOs (cSLOs)
    • Course syllabi include up-to-date SLOs from the official Course Outline of Record.
    • Individual faculty report on SLO assessments each semester using the SLO Reflection form.
    • To update SLOs:
  2. Program-level SLOs (PLOs)
    • Programs schedule and conduct department discussions to ensure that program SLOs are assessed, discussed, and inform future strategies.
    • Department discussions are reported each semester.
    • PLO assessments for each department are tracked on spreadsheets linked from the Department Discussion page.
    • To update SLOs:
      • begin with a department discussion
      • create a Proposal Type called "Modify Program Notice of Intent" in CurrIQunet META
      • changes to courses are approved through the Curriculum Committee
  3. General Education SLOs (GELOs)
    • The GE Philosophy and GELOs are identified through cross-disciplinary discussions and approved via the Academic Senate.
    • For courses that fulfill a GE area, departments should map the cSLOs to the GELOs and discuss these as part of their semesterly work
    • GELOs are assessed and revised every 6 years.  You can leave comments about GELOs in your area via the forms on the GELO page.
  4. Institutional SLOs (ILOs)
    • A collaborative effort across all constituent groups has produced institutional learning outcomes (ILOs) which will be used to assess our success in reaching our mission, vision, and values.
    • Please share your contributions to ILO assessment via the forms on the ILO assessment page.

The SLO Committee oversees SLO reporting activities for the college and provides guidance to the SLO Coordinator. The SLO Committee is an Open Committee and welcomes new members.


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